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TURO SKIN Regenerating Night Cream

Price: $60.00
Brand:  Turo Skin
Reward Points:  12
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TURO SKIN Regenerating Night Cream is a nourishing, safe-skin care product that is ideal for the active lifestyle of men today. This advanced cream is formulated to make the most of your sleeping hours. It penetrates the outer layer of the skin while you sleep. Daily use of this product helps to dramatically improve the appearance of wrinkles, promote skin firmness, evenly moisturize and reveal a younger-looking complexion. This cream had been clinically proven to protect your skin against UV damage and as well as increasing your skin’s collagen and hyaluronic acid to help reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles.

Directions In the evening, massage the TURO SKIN Regenerating Night Cream gently onto the face and neck.
Ingredients - Encapsulated retinol (anti-aging) - Arnica Oil (anti-inflammatory) - Tetrapeptide-21 (anti-aging) - Shea Butter (moisturizer) - Aloe Vera Extract (moisturizer) - Allantoin (anti-inflammatory) - Ergothioneine (anti-oxidant) - Beta Glucan (anti-aging, moisturizer

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