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FLT Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program

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 Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program from Metagenics provides a clinically designed food plan and targeted support for both weight loss and overall health—to help you look and feel your best.

Directions This product is sold as a special program kit which contains a 12-week program guide and a 30-day supply of nutritional products. Please refer to the guide supplied with the kit for specific instructions.
Ingredients Other Ingredients: t;h3>Formulas Designed to Support a Healthy Weight Loss Program Healthy Transformation Protein Shake High Protein Shake Mix Healthy Transformation Vegetable Soup High Protein Soup Mix Advanced Nutritional Support for Overall Wellness Protein Bar Low Glycemic Protein Bar Healthy Transformation Advanced Nutrition Twice Daily Support Packets UltraFlora† Balance Daily Probiotic Herbulk† Dietary Fiber

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