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Envy Medical is one of the most exciting medical technology companies to emerge in the field of dermatology and medical aesthetics. Founded by Ken Karasiuk, the Company flourished on the 2002 patented invention of Dermalinfusiom, method of non-invasive skin therapy, under the SilkPeel™ brand of medical devices. SilkPeel is already a gold standard for leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for treating acne, hyperpigmentation, photo-damage, fine line wrinkles and minor scaring on the face and body.

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ClarityMD Acne Solution Clarifying Gel 1 oz
This spot treatment uses a new patent-pending PCX™ Technology available only in ClarityMD. It featur..
Envy Medical ClarityMD Clarifying Serum
A elegant but potent Clarifying Serum, our secret weapon to acne-free, super smooth skin. Smoothin..
Envy Medical ClarityMD Skin Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads
Clean and clear pores allow acne treatment products to absorb easily into the skin for a clearer and..
Envy Medical Lumixyl Active-Prep Cleanser
This dual-action, antioxidant cleanser helps remove dirt, oil and makeup for a fresh complexion. Its..
Envy Medical Lumixyl Brightening Creme
This cream is a peptide powerhouse for skin brightening. It contains the Stanford University discove..
Envy Medical Lumixyl Brightening Pads (60 Pads)
The skin brightening power of decapeptide-12 light and refreshing hydrating serum. Lumixyl Topical B..
Envy Medical Lumixyl GlycoPeel 10 Brightening Exfoliator
This latest Lumixyl product is the first and only brightening exfoliator with decapeptide-12. First ..
Envy Medical Lumixyl Topical Brightening System w/GlycoPeel 10
Lumixyl Topical Brightening System Full Kit contains Lumixyl Active-Prep Cleanser (6 oz), a daily-us..
Envy Medical Lumixyl Trifecting Night Cream  0.2
Most people deal with more than one skin concern at a time. Now you can treat three major concerns, ..
Envy Medical Lumixyl Trifecting Night Cream 1.0
Most people deal with more than one skin concern at a time. Now you can treat three major concerns, ..
Envy Medical Revitaleyes Brightening Eye Cream
The delicate skin around the eyes often shows the first signs of aging. For a truly comprehensive tr..