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A Guide to Indoor Tanning


Now that winter is almost in the rearview, people are going to begin to think about the spring and summer.  One piece of equiptment that is very popular with people in cold weather climates is to "go tanning."

However a tanning bed still produces UV rays just like the sun, and it is not just a convenience that has no downsides.  We would suggest against tanning bed use, however if you must here are some important factors to consider before strapping on those goggles.

Skin type

No matter what type of tanning bed you are using,  it is still important to have an idea of your skin type. There are five basic skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale that measures from Light and Fair to dark pigmented skin such as African.

The type of skin you have will determine how long and how often you can tan. Some skin types burn much quicker, while others seldom burn at all. The salon you tan at will help you determine your skin type. If you are tanning at home then refer to the manual that came with your tanning bed when you purchased it.

Tanning Lotions

Always use a tanning lotion that is designed specifically for indoor tanning.  Also use a tanning lotion appropriate for your skin. So if you burn easily choose a lotion with a higher SPF. Never use inside lotions outside or outside lotions inside. Each is designed to protect you from specific rays associated with that type of tanning.

Doesn’t Let Yourself Burn

Avoid a sun burn at all costs? In the tanning world this is the golden rule. Some people will burn much easier than others and you need to take steps to avoid burning at all costs. If you are really fair and you never tan without first getting a burn, then don’t tan. It’s that simple. Burns are dangerous to your health and the cause of skin cancer. No tan is worth risking skin cancer.

Choose Your Bed carefully

You should always start with a lower watt tanning bulb bed just to make your skin use to the UV rays. The beginner beds aren’t as powerful as the mega beds and it will give you pigment time to develop. Once you’ve got your base tan you can move to a bed that has stronger tanning bulbs. If you stop tanning and you loose your tan then you have to start all over again from the beginning with a low watt bed. The strong tanning bulb beds are very powerful and you will damage your skin if your skin is not ready for them or haven’t had a tan for a while.

Home Tanning Beds

You might want to consider purchasing your own bed. Although the commercial beds are great, you have to work your schedule around their schedule and it seems you’re always rushed. With a bed at home you can relax and enjoy your tan and you can tan in the privacy of your own home. It’s a great end to a busy day.



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