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Boosters: Thermal Scrub

Price: $45.00
Brand:  pH Advantage
Reward Points:  9
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Designed to give a very penetrating, warming sensation as the product contacts damp skin. The sensation provides comfort not normally achievable with other moisturizers, masks, or cleansers. THe heat generated, gently warms the skin and provides a sensory experience unobtainable with other products. Gentle exfoliation and moisturization is also provided by the product leaving skin soft and smooth.

  • Calcium Chloride releases heat in a combined reaction with water
  • Sheat butter, as well as Soybean and Sunflower Seeds, are fatty acid moisturizers that add smoothness to the skin
  • Contains polybeads to obtain maximum exfoliation.
  • Vitamin E is used as an anti-oxidant to help eliminate free radicals.


Size: 3.5 oz 

Directions Coming Soon
Ingredients Coming Soon

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