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Cellex-C Seline-E Cream

Price: $70.00
Brand:  Cellex-C
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Seline-E's charateristic yellow marrigold color is largely derived from the high concentrate of bioflavonoids, extracted from oranges and lemons, which are used in this cream.

Seline-E's powerful combination of anti-oxidants enhance the potency of vitamin C and provide anti-oxidant moisture protection for the skin.
Medical science has found that bioflavonoids, through their ability to bind with collagen fibres, may help deter premature aging of the skin.


SIZE: 2.02 oz, 60 ml

Directions A smoothe rich moisturizer, perfect for night-time application over Cellex-C Serum. Apply to clean, dry skin day or night. This Cream immediately creates a luxuriously moist, smooth feel to the skin, And could help deter premature aging of the skin.
Ingredients Vitamin E, selenium and bioflavonoids, water, cetear, alcohol, ceteareth-20, mineral oil, tocopherol acetate, glycerin, propulene glycol dipelargonate, cetyl alcohol, C10-30 cholesterol/lanosterx.

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