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Basics: Moisturizing Recovery Cream

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Brand:  pH Advantage
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This product was formulated to be used as a post treatment following mechanical and chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other skin treatment that leaves the skin sensitive, tender, and in need of additional care. The qualities of the product are very beneficial when used as a daily treatment for minor skin problems such as sunburn or dryness.

  • Provides fatty acid building blocks to strengthen the natural moisturization barrier.
  • Delivers Vitamin C which provides anti-oxidant protection as post treatment free radicals increase.
  • Provides Vitamin A to aid in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin clarity by reducing skin roughness and evening skin tones
  • Sodium Hyluronate and Glycerin aid in holding water in the skin surface to increase hydration and softness.
  • Willowherb and Aloe helps to soothe and calm skin conditions resulting from environmental exposure.
  • Vitamin E supplies anti-oxidant free-radical scavengers to minimize lipid and membrane oxidative changes.


Size: 2.5 oz 

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