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Differences Between the Injectable Toxins

There has been a lot of controversy recently about which is the best "botulinum" toxin to use for paralysis of annoying muscle movement...

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December 18th

Vitamin C versus Vitamin A or both?

Vitamin C is one of the more widely recommended topical skin care products. There are many benefits to the use of topical Vitamin C. It is clear that Vitamin C plays an essential role in collagen synthesis. Creating new collagen is something that our bodies need to reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkling.

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September 03rd

Singing the praises of Glycolic Acid for Combination Skin.

Often the biggest frustration for those with combination skin is caring for it properly. Having both dry and oily skin areas on your face can make skin care seem almost impossible. There are, however, things that you can do to care for and keep your combination skin healthy and feeling good.

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April 22nd

Physical Fitness should not be forgotten when trying to look your best

Just like healthy skin is not only needed because you want to look younger, a healthy body is not only needed to make you look good. A healthy and fit body is capable of eliminating the toxic substances  imposed on it by an unnatural lifestyle.  And the way to a healthy body is through

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March 27th

A Guide to Indoor Tanning

Now that winter is almost in the rearview, people are going to begin to think about the spring and summer.  One piece of equiptment that is very popular with people in cold weather climates is to "go tanning."

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March 24th

Proper treatment for Stretch Marks is hard to find

Skin gives protection and support to the deep body tissues and has the ability to stretch to some extent due to the presence of protein fibers in the dermis. But too fast enlargement of the body parts can cause excessive stretching of the skin, resulting in the breaking down of collagen and elastin fibers.

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March 20th

A quick history lesson on Botox

Not everyone is willing to undergo surgery, even people who need surgery to improve their quality of life have some reservations about going under the knife.   However surgery is often times a necessary undertaking and can not be avoided despite peoples apprehensions if it can save a life or heal an injury.

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March 10th

Forehead wrinkles got you down?

One of the first wrinkles that someone will develop will be ones that form on the forehead just above the eyebrows.  This is because expressions the face is constantly making on a daily basis will eventually create creases in the skin.  In the last 10 years there has been a sharp spike in the amount of people visiting Plastic Surgeon offices and medical spa's to have Botox and other toxins injected into those creases.

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March 06th

Is your significant other using your skin care?

Keeping up with the amount of product left in your tube or jar and then reordering at the perfect time is tough enough.  Add someone else using it too and it makes it that much more difficult.  And if it is a significant other raiding your medicine cabinet or vanity without your knowledge then it can create a major problem. 

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February 27th

Tips for Treating your hands well

Hand skin health is something that is very important but often overlooked as we try and make sure that we keep up with the appearance of our faces.  The first thing to excellent hand skin health is to try and keep your hands moist. Applying a hand cream with a moisturizing element to damp skin immediately after a shower or bath or even after washing the dishes allows skin to seal in the moisturizer.

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February 24th

A few ways to help manage Acne Scars

As anyone knows who has them, Acne scars can be a major inconvenience as it gives the impression of a bad skin complexion and can affect one’s self confidence many years after the issue has passed. That is why it is important to understand and know the different ways of treating and clearing up scars left by acne.

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February 24th

5 Easy Ways to keep looking your best.

We at the Totalskincare.com blog are always trying to feed you, our loyal readers and customers as much information as we can on a daily basis. However every so often we like to take a step back and write an article for the masses, not just the high level skincare consumer.  Not only to remind you of some pretty elementary stuff, but also to remind us, the writers.  And so today our topic is 5 easy ways to keep looking your best.

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February 20th

9 Steps to Better Skin

Everyone wants clearer, fresher, younger looking skin. Well it can be achieved without spending a lot of money!  What you must do is persevere and follow the steps below and your skin will begin to look fresher and clearer. Here's how;

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February 10th

Welcome to our Blog!
We are very excited to announce our new blog where we will provide a plethora of skin care related information on a very regular basis.  Some of the articles will be written by Dr. Barry Cohen himself who is a renowned plastic surgeon practicing out of the Washington DC area.  But we will also have informational posts that will be very informative for those that are interested in skincare and keeping their skin looking young and radiant.
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January 23rd